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Integrated Engineered Systems - Overview

At Integrated Engineered Systems, we specialize in the design of building mechanical services as well as process systems.


Our system designs are planned to be cost effective, energy efficient, sensitive to tradition and in compliance with applicable local as well as Nation codes and Standards.


we utilize the most sophisticated computerized design software applications in our engineering analysis and utilize state of the art drafting techniques in our document production.


Our design methodology and approach is consistently monitored for quality. We deliberately concentrate on the application of the latest technology in our designs, yet we want to ensure simplicity of operation, ease of maintenance and minimize systems' energy consumption.


We carefully study the interaction between the building envelope with building orientation. we choose the appropriate HVAC system concepts that will ultimately provide a suitable environment as well as the comfort control desired.


Integrated Engineered Systems is committed to serve manufacturers and producers with better design of industrial process; Heating, Ventilation, Exhaust, Filtration, Humidification as well as Dehumidification needs. Our refined designs allow these companies to produce at optimum efficiency thus retaining their competitive edge.

In medical facilities we recognize that constant technological innovations with sophisticated procedures require special HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems. At Integrated Engineered Systems, we design systems for heart surgeries, intensive care units, orthopedic procedure rooms, diagnostic facilities, angio catheterization rooms and laboratories that are always designed to the latest acceptable high quality life safety standards.